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Products and Services

BiiCanada Inc. represents residential inspection industry’s most flexible and comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to make informed decisions about your prospects and existing policies.

Whether you’re looking for online solutions or physical inspections, BiiCanada gives you two main avenues of help — each with its own list of unique features and functions.

Gain the authoritative edge

We understand our clients day-to-day role – BiiCanada Inc. provides a suite of solutions; our approach to reporting gives you enough information to make decisions with authority and confidence. Everybody promises a competitive edge — BiiCanada promises an authoritative one.

BiiCanada delivers new and refreshing approaches to risk management and loss prevention.  Established in 2012, BiiCanada is a loss prevention company run by loss prevention experts. Our motto is simple: under promise and over deliver or we are not building a customer base, we are building relationships. Our array of in-the-field and virtual solutions are customizable and designed to augment your current underwriting processes seamlessly and efficiently. BiiCanada will empower you with the right tools to provide the right solution for the insured.