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Our Company

Make informed decisions

Beginning with the decision to work with BiiCanada Inc.

Insurance Companies have relied on BiiCanada, industry-specific, experience with fresh thinking for almost 5 years.

Knowledge is indeed power - we are risk management professionals with over 100 years collective experience with residential loss prevention. We offer intelligent reports driven through efficient systems. We are confident with our recommendations and decisions. Our clients tell us we are leaders in report generation and effective inspection solutions.

We are different

Countless companies provide inspection services. At BiiCanada Inc., we value relationships. What sets us apart; our signature "whatever it takes" approach and treating our clients as true partners – not simply as a vendor. Our integration of in-depth research and analysis, together with our web-based, proprietary software tools, provides uniquely accurate, unbiased and timely reports.

It’s all about consistency and transparency

We pride ourselves on a refreshingly transparent methodology for evaluating the homes we are asked to report on. With BiiCanada Inc., you won’t just know the what — you’ll always know the how and why. Work with us and become a partner.

Corporate Overview

Our mission is to provide value-added input that helps clients make prudent underwriting decisions consistent with their risk profiles.

BiiCanada Inc. has been a trusted resource for risk management professionals for over 4 years. Its team of experienced industry professionals delivers in-depth loss prevention and inspection research and analysis across a broad spectrum of our product offerings.

In addition to its research and analysis, BiiCanada Inc. offers a web-based software solution that speeds and standardizes risk management decisions by providing timely, relevant, unbiased and actionable information. Its suite of web-based flexible tools enables clients to make informed decisions about their prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners.