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BiiCanada Launches Biild

Ajax (Toronto), ON – Bullseye Imagery and Inspections (BiiCanada) is excited to announce the launch of Biild; the newest tool in a robust portfolio of product and service offerings. Biild validates risk management components and provides a direct-to-consumer platform for imagery and document management at points of contact during the quoting process. Biild levels the playing field with competitive replacement costs driven by accurate and genuine data. 

“We are very excited to expand our product offerings to include a suite of on-line, real-time tools which are fast, accurate and will empower the user at the quoting stage,” said Patrick McDonnell, President, BiiCanada. 

As a long time strategic partner of BiiCanada, CAA Insurance will be working closely with the BiiCanada team as we launch our pilot program. 

“We are thrilled to be one of the first to pilot this tool which we believe will empower our distribution channels and demonstrate a proactive underwriting approach to risk assessment,” said Sephora Sciara, director, corporate underwriting & quality assurance, CAA. “As Biild is an intelligent and intuitive property insurance tool, it will allow us to provide timely safety tips and advice to our members which will mitigate future losses.”

“The knowledge and insight gained through working with CAA Insurance is invaluable. Together we will gain a better understanding of the client relationship and improve the quoting experience,” said John Trozzo, Senior Vice President, BiiCanada. 

About BiiCanada

Bullseye Imagery and Inspections is a trailblazer in the risk management and loss prevention industry.  We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in niche segments, including residential property evaluation, high net worth homes, automotive investigative services, light commercial valuations and we are excited about our new customized inspection platform. For more information, visit biicanada.com.

About CAA Club Group

For over a hundred years, CAA has been helping Canadians stay mobile, safe and protected. CAA Club Group encompasses two auto clubs in South Central Ontario and Manitoba, providing roadside assistance, travel, insurance services and Member savings for our 2.5 million Members.  www.caaclubgroup.com

BiiCanada Media Contact:

John Trozzo
Bullseye Imagery and Inspection Services